Monday, April 12, 2010


Evensong is a tradition at our school. It is when everybody goes down to the chapel at 1:40 and we have a religious service. Not many kids enjoy this event, but it is something that will never go away. In this blog, I am not going to whine about it but suggest a few ways to make it better.
I feel it should be earlier in the day, the chapel should not be as warm, and I think the constant sitting and standing should be adjusted a bit.

Currently, evensong is our second last period. Having it at this time breaks up your academic day. It takes your mind away from school making it difficult to focus during the final period. If it was earlier in the day people would be fresh and ready.

Another thing that really turns students off of evensong is how hot the chapel is. In our chapel everyone is always sweating and complaining about how hot they are. All we need to do is find a more comfortable temperature. By doing so evensong may result in a more positive experience.

My last point was how in evensong, we have to constantly sit then stand every few minutes. The constant up and down gets a little annoying after awhile. I know we have to stand for certain prayers, but I think we should be allowed to sit a little more often ( for hymns etc.). Or maybe all of the standing goes first and then we sit for the rest.

I strongly believe that if we can't stop evensong , then we can definitely make it better by making the few changes I suggested. If the changes can be made, then most students will look at evensong more positively and less negatively.

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